Sunday, July 11, 2010

I will always...

* Miss my grandparents

* Carry my childhood friends in my heart
* Feel nostalgia for the summers of my youth
* Love to watch babies sleep

* Worry about my children when they are not with me

* Believe gardens are sacred places

* Love to create

* Ask why?
* Want to learn more
* Feel euphoric at bookstores

* Think my sister is beautiful

* Miss seeing my siblings every day
* Feel blessed to have such a loving family and grateful to my parents for everything

* Love to be in water
* Be drawn to the ocean's pull
*Wish I were still a diver

* Love the smell of baby breath and hair

* Wish my children weren't growing so fast

* Trust maternal instinct
* Treasure the experience of having all unmedicated births, especially Nora's waterbirth--that was so amazing!

* Search for soulmates and rejoice when we cross paths, even if only for a brief time

* Know what matters after spending the day at the Ronald McDonald House
* Treasure the small and the simple

* Remember when my son said to me, "Mom, you are my whole heart."

I 'd love to hear what is on your "I will always..." list.  Please share!