Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Little Friend, Hope

This tiny flower grew out of our concrete steps last year.  I adored her and looked forward to our daily encounters...she seemed to be full of things to tell me.

She whispered to always have hope...anything is always prevails even amidst our darkest days...small  things count...believe the universe is on your side...

She shouted to not be afraid to show the world who you are...

She insisted that she wasn't the only one--that there was magic talking to us everywhere.  We just had to pay attention and listen.

And now, she is telling me to bloom--no matter where I am. 

Confession--I don't really feel like an artist...not yet.  Philosophically, I believe we are all creative beings...but when I try to apply that to myself, it's difficult. 

I didn't go to art school.  I don't know much about techniques and color theory.  I'm meeting other artists who know so much more than me and are so talented. 

Recently, this has paralyzed me....making me actually afraid to try to create...until I came across this picture and remembered my friend, Hope

I'm sprouting from a meager art background with just my desire to create because it makes me feel good.  But even if it what I create is something small--hopefully it can make other people happy too.

And, I'm tired of putting things off until that perfect time.  If this seed had waited for the perfect soil, she never would have bloomed on my front steps and brought me so much joy and wisdom. 

If I waited to start this blog until I felt like a real artist, it would never happen.

It is so easy to put dreams on hold until everything is perfectly aligned the way you imagine.  It's like having children--there is never a perfect time.   

So here's to being as hopeful and brave as a flower blooming in concrete!

And my little friend insisted that I end with this...

Be proud of who you are.  No matter where you are at in your journey.  You are enough.