Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Celebrating Happy Mistakes!

 "Happy Mistakes" or "Happy Accidents" in ART--things that you don't plan on while creating but that lead you to something even more beautiful than you imagined. We have a few children that fit this description too:)

This is what happened to me when I signed up for an online creative biz course called Flying Lessons by Kelly Rae Roberts.

I signed up for the course on accident (I thought it was an art class). I was so excited Kelly was teaching a class that I signed up before I read the description. Gotta love serendipity...

Born with Wings--Original Mixed Media 12x12

When I found out it was a biz class, I couldn't believe it! I didn't even have anything to sell--I was still trying to learn how to paint and find my own style. But... ends up this course gave me the courage I needed to take my dreams seriously.

The BEST part of the class was making friends with creative souls all over the world. These women are angels to me.

I don't think I could have gotten thru this summer's emotional heat allergy rollercoaster
without their positive energy and support!
And together, we are flying! I am SO SO SO grateful to these women
for their encouragement
 and for being examples of courage,
taking risks and making yourself vulnerable.

So cheers to Happy Mistakes!
I love watching how life unfolds in its wondrous ways.

I'd love to hear about your Happy Mistakes!

(I made this last year after reading Kelly Rae Robert's book, Taking Flight.)