Monday, August 23, 2010

Christmas in August Sale!

I've been busy making personalized pillows--thanks for the support, friends!

For those of you who want to order some for the holidays, I'd like to make this a little easier on all of us. 

Now you can get your shopping done early so you can actually enjoy the holidays, and I won't be overwhelmed with pillow orders!

So until the end of this month, Pillows are ON SALE!

1 pillow for $35
2 pillows for $60 (saving you $10)
3 pillows for $85 (saving you $20)
4 pillows for $100 (saving you $40 and costing you $25 per pillow--not a bad amount to spend on a gift!)

I have really great new fabric to choose from.  Here are some that I have fallen in love with....

I also have fabric with just about any hobby/interest/obsession you can think of--owls, baseballs, cowboys, trucks and cars, frogs, butterflies, etc., that can be personalized for a truly special gift!

Don't forget I do schools and sports teams too!  Wouldn't WHO-DEY look great on a pillow?

(This one is being sold in The Spirit Shop at Cincinnati Country Day School.)