Friday, August 20, 2010

Finding Beauty and Feeling Blessed

When I started this blog, I was worried that I wouldn't have interesting photos and enough to write about because I'm stuck inside.  And, I love beautiful nature pictures!  But, I've found that there is still plenty of beauty surrounding me...

And, when I notice it, I feel so blessed...

My sweet hubby bought me this pillow because he said it had special meaning to me and my heat allergy!

I have fallen back in love with my Art Studio, which I've neglected for awhile.  Instead, I was using every other room in our house!  It feels great to be back in this space!

I bought this antique apothecary dresser several years ago and finally had it painted by my friend and owner of Patina, who refurbishes furniture.  This week, I finally organized my scrapbook paper and other mixed media objects.  I love it!

I'm working on this girl who is made of wings.  Her hair is butterflies and flowers, and she has her own pair of purple wings too.  A work in progress...

My hubby also brought me sunflowers and Belguim waffles from the Farmers' Market this week.  (Isn't he great?)  I feel blessed that I have been able to "Live Simply" this summer.  Even though this summer has been a challenge, I think I will look back at it with gratitude and appreciation for a
slower paced life! 

I'd love to hear about the beauty and blessings in your life!