Wednesday, August 18, 2010


This fun family activity is one of our absolute favorites--and there is no cost and no prep time required (as long as you have paper and markers or pens in your home). 

How do you squiggle?

1.  Draw a squiggle on paper
2.  Pass the papers around
3.  Turn the squiggle you get into a picture of some sort
4.  Laugh and be amazed at your family's creativity!

We LOVE to play this game when friends and family visit.  We keep all our squiggles in a binder and have our guests sign theirs to include in it.  My kids love to look thru it! 

Here are some examples from our squiggle games over the years...

The green curlies are the original squiggle and were turned into a man carrying shopping bags.

The squiggle was the shape that I turned into a genie coming out of a lamp.

This squiggle was the purple shape that Skylar turned into a carriage.

Grandpa Harrison turned the green squiggle into a golf course.

We sent this idea into Family Fun Magazine and they published this picture of the kids!  They were so excited!

I'd love to see your squiggles too!