Monday, August 2, 2010

Sweet Little One

I've been feeling sentimental lately, watching my children grow.

One day, I noticed Nora, our smallest and last, filling up so much more of my lap.  I remember how she used to not even reach it, but would just snuggle up in my chest and sleep.  I already miss these moments with my older ones, who I cannot even lift now.

When I realized how much she was growing, I had to paint hopes of capturing this moment since I cannot capture time and make it slow down. 

(sweet little one 8x8)

sweet little one,
today as i rocked you
and hummed our special songs
i noticed
you fill up more of my lap
your soft body

growing as fast as the weeds
your dad refuses to pull
they just grow and grow he says
but i want to try to stop them

tonight as i rocked you
and hummed our special songs
i held you longer
and tighter
slowing my breath
to match yours
and bidding time
to sleep as well

so you remain mine
to hold and snuggle
to kiss and comfort...
an eternity is not long enough
to spend holding you,
sweet little one